A Baby Boomer, Living The Wellness

The Baby Boomer generation is largely responsible for the world as it is today. Banking, government, real estate, industry, medical care and more are the products of baby boomer stewardship, or lack of. We, our world, our nation are facing major challenges and all we as a group have to offer for solutions is more of the same. Hope may rest with our children, if they are up to the challenges and brave enough to make the necessary difficult decisions, that will effectively deal with what baby boomers are about to leave behind. And, there is also hope in the self-empowered individual, because the individual can bring positive change for the masses, starting with themselves.

The self-empowered alternative health care journey

Medical care is one of our major unsolved problems, it’s very large, tunnel visioned, corrupt, power hungry, much to expensive and in many cases, just doesn’t work. By not using its services,t he self-empowered individual offers one solution for this medical care problem. I am a self-empowered, a non-herd following fringe dweller baby boomer and this is the story of my health self-empowerment (short version), what I do, how I learned alternative health care and what others can gain from my experiences. Even though the medical has a very minor part in my life, I may be forced to help perpetuate it by paying for it. I am not being prescribed or taking any medical or over the counter drug/medication. I don’t get flu shots, the flu or colds, however I have had some health challenges. I believe I was given those challenges, so that I could experience a time of not being healthy, to test my convictions about alternative health care modalities.

This journey started with my Grandmother, who was always there to help with a folk remedy, herb or tonic that always worked. My Grandmother was my first alternative health teacher and our son was the next. Our son started on solid foods (baby food) and we found that he had difficulty digesting them, had frequent problems with gas and became very active/hyperactive. So, we took our son to the doctor, the good MD listened to what we said, examined our son and prescribed a drug. The drug worked as intended, his symptoms went away, our son became a good little boy and he was clearly “stoned”. We threw the drug in the garbage, I went to the college library to find some answers and those answers were found in books dated from the late 1940s and 1950s. Our son had Colic caused by food coloring, preservatives and other food chemical additives. I did what I found in those old books, our son was a drug free little boy and remains prescription/drug free. In those days ADD, ADHD or whatever didn’t exist, however from our experience with our sons’ prescribed drug, ADD and ADHD were both on the way. From that time in the early 1970s, I have studied and successfully used alternative health care.

Allergies, Moving and Other Careers

Each time we moved, I found myself with allergies, so to cure my allergies, I would find a homeopathic allergy mix for the area and a supplier of local Bee products, honey, etc. All went well for many years, we exercised, ate real food, used our nutrients, herbs and vitamins. Our son went in the Army and we were quick to offer non-medical solutions for his health challenges. I continued to study alternative health care modalities, completed my first career as teacher/counselor, became the project director for an adjudicated youth treatment facility and my last career was as the Behavior Specialist, Rehabilitation Services Coordinator for a clinic, treating traumatic brain injured individuals. Alternative therapies for brain injuries became my next focus and I wrote a paper on alternative therapies for TBI. I presented my paper to the clinic, where it was accepted, applauded and never used. It was then that I found just how closed much of the medical is to “outside” thoughts and most everything outside of the way it does business. I did give the paper to some of the families of our traumatic brain injured clients and some did used my paper as the core for further research into alternatives and had good results.

My Personal Health Challenge

At the same time I was finishing that career, our son was starting on work projects that would take him to the far corners of the world, so my wife and I decided to house sit for him. It was a great opportunity to lay around the pool vacationing, eating and drinking, with very little exercise. Our son came back and we moved back to Montana, where I took a job working at a large home improvement box store (I just like to work). To make a long story short, I developed some heart/cardiovascular problems from my year plus vacation, collapsed at work, Paramedics were called, they were about to take me to the emergency, when I regained my senses and told them that “I wasn’t going to be poked and prodded by that bunch of medical fools” (a statement I have been reminded of many times by those who were with me). I got up and was driven home.

I have mentioned here that I am a self-empowered baby boomer. I did miss three days of work and started on my journey back to wellness. I did not consult the medical (I had been around that stuff long enough to know what was going on) and there have been no medical procedures or prescribed drugs. This is what I did: Hawthorn, Motherwort, Cayenne, Lecithin, Garlic, Valerian, Green Tea, Ginger, Curcumin, Rosemary, Coconut Oil, Natural E, Co Q10 (all available in health food stores and on line) along with good water, Grass Fed Beef, Cage-free Eggs, real fresh country butter, a bunch of greens and fresh fish. I did the nutrients heavily for the first three months, with plenty of Green Tea. I continued on with many of the nutrients for more than a year, started to work-out after about six months. My life notification event took place about three years ago. I am again well on my health journey and the whole thing cost me about $600.00. “This is what I did and this is intended to entertain only, what you do is your choice” (statement required by the medical).