A Baby Boomer, Living The Wellness

The Baby Boomer generation is largely responsible for the world as it is today. Banking, government, real estate, industry, medical care and more are the products of baby boomer stewardship, or lack of. We, our world, our nation are facing major challenges and all we as a group have to offer for solutions is more of the same. Hope may rest with our children, if they are up to the challenges and brave enough to make the necessary difficult decisions, that will effectively deal with what baby boomers are about to leave behind. And, there is also hope in the self-empowered individual, because the individual can bring positive change for the masses, starting with themselves.

The self-empowered alternative health care journey

Medical care is one of our major unsolved problems, it’s very large, tunnel visioned, corrupt, power hungry, much to expensive and in many cases, just doesn’t work. By not using its services,t he self-empowered individual offers one solution for this medical care problem. I am a self-empowered, a non-herd following fringe dweller baby boomer and this is the story of my health self-empowerment (short version), what I do, how I learned alternative health care and what others can gain from my experiences. Even though the medical has a very minor part in my life, I may be forced to help perpetuate it by paying for it. I am not being prescribed or taking any medical or over the counter drug/medication. I don’t get flu shots, the flu or colds, however I have had some health challenges. I believe I was given those challenges, so that I could experience a time of not being healthy, to test my convictions about alternative health care modalities.

This journey started with my Grandmother, who was always there to help with a folk remedy, herb or tonic that always worked. My Grandmother was my first alternative health teacher and our son was the next. Our son started on solid foods (baby food) and we found that he had difficulty digesting them, had frequent problems with gas and became very active/hyperactive. So, we took our son to the doctor, the good MD listened to what we said, examined our son and prescribed a drug. The drug worked as intended, his symptoms went away, our son became a good little boy and he was clearly “stoned”. We threw the drug in the garbage, I went to the college library to find some answers and those answers were found in books dated from the late 1940s and 1950s. Our son had Colic caused by food coloring, preservatives and other food chemical additives. I did what I found in those old books, our son was a drug free little boy and remains prescription/drug free. In those days ADD, ADHD or whatever didn’t exist, however from our experience with our sons’ prescribed drug, ADD and ADHD were both on the way. From that time in the early 1970s, I have studied and successfully used alternative health care.

Allergies, Moving and Other Careers

Each time we moved, I found myself with allergies, so to cure my allergies, I would find a homeopathic allergy mix for the area and a supplier of local Bee products, honey, etc. All went well for many years, we exercised, ate real food, used our nutrients, herbs and vitamins. Our son went in the Army and we were quick to offer non-medical solutions for his health challenges. I continued to study alternative health care modalities, completed my first career as teacher/counselor, became the project director for an adjudicated youth treatment facility and my last career was as the Behavior Specialist, Rehabilitation Services Coordinator for a clinic, treating traumatic brain injured individuals. Alternative therapies for brain injuries became my next focus and I wrote a paper on alternative therapies for TBI. I presented my paper to the clinic, where it was accepted, applauded and never used. It was then that I found just how closed much of the medical is to “outside” thoughts and most everything outside of the way it does business. I did give the paper to some of the families of our traumatic brain injured clients and some did used my paper as the core for further research into alternatives and had good results.

My Personal Health Challenge

At the same time I was finishing that career, our son was starting on work projects that would take him to the far corners of the world, so my wife and I decided to house sit for him. It was a great opportunity to lay around the pool vacationing, eating and drinking, with very little exercise. Our son came back and we moved back to Montana, where I took a job working at a large home improvement box store (I just like to work). To make a long story short, I developed some heart/cardiovascular problems from my year plus vacation, collapsed at work, Paramedics were called, they were about to take me to the emergency, when I regained my senses and told them that “I wasn’t going to be poked and prodded by that bunch of medical fools” (a statement I have been reminded of many times by those who were with me). I got up and was driven home.

I have mentioned here that I am a self-empowered baby boomer. I did miss three days of work and started on my journey back to wellness. I did not consult the medical (I had been around that stuff long enough to know what was going on) and there have been no medical procedures or prescribed drugs. This is what I did: Hawthorn, Motherwort, Cayenne, Lecithin, Garlic, Valerian, Green Tea, Ginger, Curcumin, Rosemary, Coconut Oil, Natural E, Co Q10 (all available in health food stores and on line) along with good water, Grass Fed Beef, Cage-free Eggs, real fresh country butter, a bunch of greens and fresh fish. I did the nutrients heavily for the first three months, with plenty of Green Tea. I continued on with many of the nutrients for more than a year, started to work-out after about six months. My life notification event took place about three years ago. I am again well on my health journey and the whole thing cost me about $600.00. “This is what I did and this is intended to entertain only, what you do is your choice” (statement required by the medical).

What People Are Searching For Through the Use of Drugs, Sex and Alcohol

A baby in the waiting period in the womb is being acclimatized as to the household it will enter into. It can even sense the difference between indoors and outdoors, the solitude or busyness of the mother’s life, her emotional state and her relationship with those she is around. This is picked up by the baby through the mother’s nervous system and transmitted to the brain of the baby, as the first recording done on the shiny, clean surface of the seedcore. All the knowledge of previous experiences is under this top layer of information. Those previous experiences that are necessary to furthering the progress of this new life are programmed to be stored closest to the surface of the seedcore. They are then covered over almost immediately when the nervous system of the mother starts impressing sensations on this wee brain. This takes place approximately at the twelfth week of pregnancy. This is the brain level that is at the instinct stage.

You may be puzzled that the seedcore is in the mother’s body before the entity. I will try to explain. The entity remains on the inner planes as the previous entity, even though the seedcore has been detached and sent into the mother’s body. This entity, (the previous life), remains on the inner planes separated from the seedcore, but still a combination personality-soul. When the moment of birth is near, the second stage of separation takes place and the soul and personality split, with that personality and its part of the seedcore staying and progressing on the inner planes, and the soul joining the piece of the seedcore that is already in the baby’s brain.

The experience of the highlight of sexual intercourse is a very similar feeling to that which happens, excuse me, should happen at the birth of a child and at the death of the body, (which is the birth back into the unmanifested plane). This is a repeated pattern, if you will, of the original birth of the Creator. When the energy builds to a certain point that it can no longer be contained within a minuscule black pin point – a feeling of intensity – the spasms build, and the energy eventually shatters or explodes, giving this wonderful thrill.

From the Creator
“This is how I know what sexual intercourse feels like to you, because I felt it at my birth, at my creation. Humans feel it at their creation. The babe when he comes out of the womb has this memory of the father’s explosion which has been ejected into the embryo or egg. Then he grows in the womb, building up the power, and when the birth pains begin the spasms grow wider and stronger and he shatters, feeling this same thrill throughout his own being that his father felt when he impregnated his mother.”

Entities Should Enter Babe before Birth
Some incarnating entities choose to enter the new babe before birth thereby being present at birth of the physical form and experiencing the thrill of the explosion out of the womb. These are the people who do not search all their lives for this feeling. They did not miss it as do those who do not enter until after the physical birth. The ones who enter after this thrill do not get over the searching for it until the blending has taken place between the animal-based brain mind and the incarnating spirit.

Even those who enter before birth do not always experience this thrill if drugs are used for the birth. The anesthesia given to women in childbirth is a direct cause of alcoholism and drug use. This is why it is more prevalent now than it was, say one hundred years ago or so, and this is why natural childbirth must be returned to. This anesthesia is not the only cause of these diseases, but does cause a large percent, say seventy-five percent. This anesthesia also causes many minor health problems.

When the time comes to leave the earth scene and return home, the spirit is the first to withdraw. It starts its process back into the tiny pinpoint of a black hole. It is very difficult to explain the collapsing and expanding and exploding of these black holes wherein the total secret of beingness lies. The illustration of a balloon collapsing within itself is perhaps one of the easiest ways to try to explain this.

As the spirit withdraws it builds spasms that grow stronger and he explodes back into the black hole feeling the thrill in his ethereal body, not his physical body. At the birth of a child on the earth plane this is felt in the physical body. At death it is felt in the ethereal body which is what you will be in until your next term to come back out of the black hole into the physical form.

The entities that have had many painkillers, in the form of drugs, before death on the earth plane have more adjustments to problems on the inner planes. To begin with, they sleep much longer at birth into the inner planes (death) because it takes time to erase the effects of the drugs from their atomic make-up. They also feel, believe it or not, cheated of the beautiful experience of death, since there is a feeling of bliss at the time of death, as there should be at birth, that is so glorious and all-consuming that there is nothing to equal it in a human’s life whatsoever.

As given, those who have received a lot of drugs do not feel this. This feeling can be closely approximated by a woman giving birth, we really shouldn’t say closely, as it does not come close, but perhaps a hint of it is present. The baby being born should also experience this feeling of bliss when bursting out of the womb, but if the mother has had anesthesia they do not, cannot, feel this. (Perhaps this is why so many enter this plane of existence bawling.) They forever after miss this feeling and search for it constantly, using anything they can, in the form of drugs or alcohol, that will approximate this feeling, the rest of their lives.

When this feeling is missed during the death process, due to drugs, it can be approximated by those on the other side in a safe way, a substitute or a synthetic feeling, and they can also explain and reason with them at what happened. But this cannot be done on the earth plane to help those who miss this experience. They do not realize they missed it and, in some, it causes a feeling of resentment that never leaves, and they never understand what causes this feeling, nor does anyone. On the other hand, if the mother is not anesthetized, and the babe has this experience, it is not realized either, but the child grows up to be a well-adjusted entity, with much to contribute to humanity.

Search Into Sex, Drugs And Alcohol Not Fault Of Physical Body
It has been thought previously that it was the animal-based brain part of man that was causing the search into drugs and into sexual promiscuity. It is not the physical body’s fault, it is the incarnating entity who is searching for this because it did not enter the babe in the womb and feel the thrill during the birth. The incarnating entity is the one who missed it and until he brings his two bodies together he will be odds, at disharmony. He will cause a search to be made to replace this by any means that he can except the right one, which is synthesization of the soul and the animal-based brain. This is not the total synthesization of the spirit mind; this is the body and soul working together. Until this happens the soul will continually search. When the blending of the soul and the body takes place the search is over because at this blending he now feels that thrill. He experiences it at the moment that the soul and body have blended. This is being born again, or, as it should be called, his “rebirth into continuity” that has been explained in previous articles, but not on this level or depth of understanding.

It’s very difficult to tie the feeling nature, which is the emotional body, to the mechanics of the physical manifestation, which is your physical body, and at the same time try to explain the action of the minds. I’m terming it in the plural because this is what happens, the meeting of the minds of this mental body. The animal-based brain has a mind of its own and when the spirit enters, it is the mind of the incarnating entity that must blend with the animal-based brain part. Then, at the point where they reach a blending, the spirit of the Creator can also be blended. This would be your spiritual body.

Humanity needs to understand a little fuller perhaps, what it is that drives the search for sexual satisfaction. It is a part of your spiritual heritage. Do not misunderstand, the sexual act itself is a physical manifestation and the animals without the incarnating soul still perform the sexual act to propagate the race but they hold it in check with the cycles of heat given them by nature as a system of checks and balances. Humans do not go by these cycles of heat because of the incarnating soul’s search for the thrill of birth that he missed.

Now this has been realized more and more by those on the higher planes and they are advising those reentering bodies to do so before the birth. They cannot force them to do so; they can explain to them why they should do so, but the entity still has free will. Even on the other side of the veil they have free will. If they don’t want to go back until the very last minute when they have to enter that baby’s body or give up that chance, they have the free will to hold back and not enter until the last minute, but those on the higher planes are trying to educate them on that side of the veil. Now they want to educate them on our side of the veil also, because they believe if this knowledge is given to them on the earth plane and explained to them and thoroughly understood, then when they go back to the inner planes they will hold this knowledge and make their job much easier. When it comes time for them to reenter they will not balk at reentering before the birth.

Entities are Afraid to Experience Birth Because of Pain
You see, what happens is the entities are afraid to go through the birth because the birth itself does cause pain to the baby. It is soon covered over the same way the pain to the mother is covered over. There originally was to be no pain. There was no pain before the restructuring when some of the chakras were re-balanced. This would be the “original sin” as termed by our Biblical scholars that caused the pain of birth. But it’s not just the mother, it’s the child also. Therefore, the incarnating entity would just as soon bypass that and enter afterward, but he is also bypassing the thrill of the entering and goes on what is, for some, a lifelong search trying to replace it. Now the ones on drugs have very little hope of ever understanding this and thereby being able to be rid of the drugs.

Baby Boomers Still Considered At Risk For Addiction

When people think of someone who is using illicit drugs, normally they picture a teen or young adult. Actually, there is another demographic that uses as well and it may surprise you. They are people between the ages of 50 and 59, also known as the “baby boomer” generation and their abuse of illicit drugs has more than doubled in the past ten years. But how could this be?

Many believe it could be the eruption of drugs in the 60’s and 70’s. Resent studies have shown that there is an increased risk of people having problems with drug abuse later in life if they used drugs in their teens and early 20’s. Another issue is the absence of drug education directed towards this age group, as most campaigns are targeted towards a younger crowd. This may be the reason why drug use and addiction continue to increase among this generation. Records show that the number of people between the ages of 51 and 60 admitted into state-funded drug treatment centers in Florida has gone up by 37 percent since 2001.

Illicit Drugs Aren’t the Only Problem

Along with the Baby Boomers’ exposure to drugs as young adults they were also the first generation to be introduced to the era of prescription drugs, which are handed out by doctors for any little ailment one could think of. A survey taken by the Substance Abuse Administration between 2006 and 2008 showed that out of 20,000 adults, ages 50 and over, 5.2 percent of them had used marijuana during that time.

Another 2.9 percent had taken prescription drugs that were not prescribed for them, painkillers being among the most common.

Overall, 7.9 percent said they had taken some kind of illicit drug. This poses an additional problem: Persons taking prescribed medicines for things such as high blood pressure and cholesterol are now mixing these drugs with the ones already in there system, which could cause dangerous interactions and side effects. Also, unknowing physicians may wrongly diagnose patients that are abusing drugs. For example, memory loss as a result of chronic marijuana use could be mistaken for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. In addition, the lack of good education and guideline on how to properly use the drugs prescribed to them may contribute to the abuse of prescription drugs. In response to this epidemic, lawmakers are working to establish safety measures to benefit doctors and their patients and hopefully reverse this trend.

Further Complications to Come In the Future

Researchers worry that high rates of chronic drug use among the baby boomer generation will most likely create many health complications for millions of aging Americans and overwhelm the country’s drug-treatment programs.